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The Journal of Mental Health

  • A Message From Our Founders

    It’s an honor for us to be able to walk this journey to improve access to mental healthcare services in Canada and move one step away from the painful impact of stigma associated with mental health.
  • Why We Must Redefine Mental Health

    Stigma in the realm of mental health is the result of mislabeling of mental health issues with words like “lazy,” “crazy,” and “insane,”When people tell you there is nothing wrong with you except your laziness and stubbornness, you are unlikely to go to a medical professional for help. And if you are courageous and desperate enough to seek help, you experience shame for needing the treatment.
  • The Power in Being Vulnerable

    This story was submitted by: Anne T.   The stigmas surrounding mental health are one of the biggest challenges faced by people suffering from thes...
  • Healing Through Resilience

    Even though I went through so much trauma mentally, I came out a way better person. My past self was immature, naïve, extremely self-conscious, and I didn’t care about future consequences to my decisions. I had very understanding employers and parents, and great access to different means of mental health resources that turned me into the stronger and empathetic person I am today. 
  • COVID and Mental Health in Canada

    The coronavirus pandemic has plunged the world into the unknown. An illness we do not yet fully understand and cannot yet vaccinate against, COVID-19 has shut down large swathes of the world as we knew it. Most of us agree we will never be quite the same again.
  • Our Own World of Beauty & Light

    Having a loved one who battles mental illness may very well be one of the most difficult encounters of my life thus far. The most difficult part is to see someone you care about, in so much pain, and not being able to ease their suffering. In seeing them lose themselves and then having to face and grieve the loss of who you once knew.
  • Living with Courage, Strength and Mental Illness.

    This story may include information that is triggering for some.

    To the world, I look like a mother and a wife. But I know the lion and the gorilla inside me. I know the hummingbird and the eagle, the bear and the tiger. I am all of these animals, brave and strong and resilient, determined to overcome those diagnoses that threatened to destroy my life and my talents.