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A Message From Our Founders

Since we launched our clothing line, we’ve received a response beyond what we knew was possible. It’s an honor for us to be able to walk this journey to improve access to mental healthcare services in Canada and move one step away from the painful impact of stigma associated with mental health.

Over the years we have encountered many people whose lives have been terribly impacted by mental health challenges. Although many people have had to cope with the heart-breaking pain of stigma (which often exasperates mental health difficulties) they continue to face every day with whatever fight they have within themselves. A fight that they live with everyday. A fight that takes no breaks. A fight that needs hope.

While mental health challenges are certainly not seen as something positive in one’s life, individuals living with mental illness carry many positive characteristics and traits that often go unnoticed.

And Spirit Redefined was created to acknowledge the true spirit of these individuals, for we know people are much more than their struggle, their hard season, or their diagnosis.

While our merchandise directly tackles stigma, all profits from Spirit Redefined are being used to create an online platform to permit more efficient access to quality mental health care in Canada. If our line of streetwear reminds just one person that they are more than their struggles, or if our online platform helps just one person navigate the complexities of the mental health system with less stress, we know we are moving in the right direction and doing something worthwhile. And without your support, this would simply not be possible. 

So, thank you for joining us on this journey and for your generous support! We hope you continue to proudly walk this journey with us, knowing that it is making a difference in the life and well-being of many people near and far.

Best wishes for good mental health,

Sabrina, Simra & Sophia